We Just Show Up

We put ourselves out there. We fold their clothes knowing that they will be pulled from the drawers, thrown on the floor and a little voice screaming… “I have nothing to wear”. We attempt to bake cookies with our child thinking this time round, we’ll stay Zen (in peace) throughout the process and when the flour falls all over the kitchen we lose it!

The other day, I drove miles to pickup a costume that my girl really really wants for her school International Day, I did it for her. The other week, I rushed to carry my girl from the playground to our home with blood tricking down from her injured leg. My heart stopped as my mind runs through various scenarios that could happen (broken bone – need hospitalisation – out of school – have to excuse myself from work). I have to react fast because I love my child. We all do.

That’s just what we do as moms.

Days and days of ordinary things take so much work. We repeat doing it over and over again. We suppress our frustration over school projects that we just want it to be done with. Picking up toys, picking up toys, picking up toys. We got so frustrated about picking up toys that we throw them all into a big trash bag, then picking out favorites because we love our child and these toys represents their existence.

What about those notes in their lunch box?

Waiting at the school pick-up. Making their favorite meals, laundry, over and over again. Laughing when they laugh. Crying when they cry. Taking temperatures. Reading books, skipping parts. Brushing hair. Wiping tables. Teaching them to be mindful of others and hoping they turn out great adults. We wakes up tired, goes to bed exhausted.

Loving our child when we don’t even know how. Day after day. Night after night. Good days. Hard days. Ordinary day, normal day, just a day. Loving our kids.

Dear mama, let the tears fall when they need to. You are Beautiful and Extraordinary and Wonderful person. I’m not perfect, you’re not perfect, but we’re all trying. Giving. Loving. In the midst of this most messy and un-beautiful life called family.

Thank you Mama for showing up.

Don’t forget how to be a Happy Mom!

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