Children and your Dreams

In the past, we were brought up with the passed down believe that once you have a child, you are to stay home and be the ultimate housewife.

“THIS ideology has been sold to women for the past 60 years to make us believe that our own flesh and blood will keep us from happiness and life itself. It sells motherhood as the lowest possible position. This ideology pits a mother against her child. The child is now the enemy and stands in the way of freedom and happiness.”

Today, we see women having it ALL! Children, Career, Family, Home and still going on for more to mark a spot on this earth. What had changed since our ancestor days? World climate or our mindset. I must say, it’s education and the knowledge that women can accomplish more. Definitely more!

Here’s a closing thought…

NO, children don’t keep us from achieving our dreams.

YES, our society thrives when motherhood and caregiving are prized.

[unknown source]

In hope that our world will recognize the powerful contribution of women, of mothers.

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