Empowering, Women!

A lovely sight of my Monday office at Safe Place.

Thankful for the opportunity God had given me that’s coming to pass with my Vision of helping Moms and Empowering them to a greater knowledge of technology. As I waited for the special mom to arrive with her baby, I had a chat with one of the staff. Such a lovely privilege to be able to learn more about their causes and feels really aligned with what the center is offering. WhiteIsntBlack had been my platform and we offer training and counselling to women on starting up their business.

Working with each mom individually, as each have their own ideas and uniqueness that needed to be personalised, Personal Branding. I strongly believed each of us are the strongest personal brand and ambassador of our Self, reflecting our own self-worth to the world.

Being able to feel confident means a lot to these moms. It means getting out of depression, getting out of unwanted-ness, getting out unsafe situation.

I hear YOU… your story matters to me… You Matter to me!

Mom: Do you mind my child be with me?
Me: Not all all, kids are most welcome.

A session going on while baby eats his snacks. Such a wonderful baby and mom had been great with completing homework in preparation before our session. I love working with her and excited to witness her business ideas come to life.

#safeplace been doing a wonderful job with these moms and helping them on their journey to being independent. The center is currently in need of your assistant, Financial uncertainty faced by moms and their kids. Many of the moms hold part-time or gig economy jobs such as doing food deliveries or in retail/service-related businesses. One of the moms, who was working in customer service in an indoor playground, was informed recently that her work place will close down this month due to poor business. Those in part-time employment are affected because their work places are cutting back on business hours and prioritise full-time employees in times like these. Other without jobs find it’s harder to find a job during COVID19.

Do join #whiteisntblack in creating awareness and supporting these moms get through this difficult season. Any amount you consider contributing goes a long way for the moms, meeting their’s and their babies needs.

Here’s how you can get involve:

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