Lost Culture Of Yesterday

Singapore City

The melting pot of culture once known as Singapura or the Merlion City had seen its toll and lost of its slipping culture into the future. Being born in the 70s means I have had the privilege of knowing and experience the Merlion City as it’s suppose to be, culture loaded and busting.

31 December, 2014


The article address the issue of our declining Birth Rates and Ageing Population thus culture dilution will be gone as soon as the generations of our parents and grandparents go. The rise of Individualism, Consumerism and not conforming to authority had diminished the family status.

Reading on, it covers the the lost of National Identity as citizen sense of belonging and patriotism to the nation in question. Foreign Growth has become prominent as jobs needed to be fill and populations to be increased, will lead to shares and expansion of economic and thus raised uneasiness to their obligation to our country.

This issue MUST be at the top of all Singaporeans agenda and teaching of good values at home should continue to instil and assist with our nation vision and goals for the future.

3 March, 2012


“I think Singapore has changed irreversibly because Our culture is now designed to mirror the world’s globalised image. thats what defines us. Isn’t that sad? It’s like we’ve lost our soul.”

I must agree with the writer on his statement above. We’ve lost our soul. And it sad definitely. But it’s never too late. If we work together, we can still salvage what’s left of our unique culture.

In his essay, the writer also wrote on how The Millennium had taken our spirit away. Singapore had achieved much in areas of Education, Finance, Transportation, Housing and Tourism. We are indeed first in many of theses areas, at the expense of our National Identity.

As the writer wrote on about our Youths, not being interested in Singapore affairs and that many doesn’t even speak their native dialect. And the only way we can strengthen our cultural atmosphere is to educate our younger Singaporeans on the historical influences and its interwoven with who we are as a nation.

August 5, 2012


Writer wrote about our Local Food vs Fast Food of foreign countries. He also touches on our Traditional Costumes of Cheongsam, Baju Kurung and Sari. These traditional costumes are losing out and had been look down upon by the new generations today. In agreement to the writer, traditional costumes are what separate us from others of the world, it defines our uniqueness and history connected to our culture.

Vintage Photos


In comparison to the above link of Vintage Photos taken by David Ayres, I’ve found a local artist that had been through the Japanese occupation himself as a child and he paints Singapore as it used to be from his memories of it.

Mr Zainol Arifin was a graduate of NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts). He specialises in Oil Painting on Canvas and Still Life. Mr Zainol was also one of the Arts Educator for NAFA kids classes, teaching the little ones how to draw and paint. Although he had retired since, however, I find his art pieces still valuable to us.

Below are few of Mr Zainol art pieces:



There’s plenty more beautiful pieces created by the artist. Please feel free to contact me for more details and exhibition dates in Singapore.

Ms Leezibet Heinzraiden

Arts Manager

(The lost Culture of Singapore)

Some other great references:




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